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About Our Team

drywall worker doing drywall repair

Drywall is the most popular interior decorating material. Favored over plaster or stucco, it is a resistant material, that is easily used to achieve a desired aesthetic. It is a material that is readily available, widely throughout Canada. But with so much choice, you should be making sure, that you are not settling for any less than the best. Be certain you are getting the very highest standard of drywall servicing, by working with New Westminster Drywall Pros. Operating in the New Westminster, British Columbia area, we supply local residents and businesses with our work. Consistently, we have been able to produce installations of the highest level. Being both aesthetically effective and improved the qualities of their respective rooms, our products can benefit anyone.

Our team is comprised of a few very hardworking individuals. All specialists in the field of drywall, we know the industry like the backs of our hands. We have always taken a close and personal approach with our customers. Taking the time to understand their needs and measuring up to the space, we are highly acclaimed in our local area. Every member of the team is committed to doing their bit, towards improving the homes of our clients. We are all passionate and love nothing more, than to see the look of satisfaction, at the end of any job. So, if you are looking for a drywall installation team, that can live up to your needs and expectations, give us a call.


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