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Drywall Installation

drywall worker doing drywall installation

Drywall is a quality material, that is used for the walling of many Canadian households. It has been a popular choice, in the place of alternatives like plaster or stucco. If you are someone who wants to install new drywall into their home, you could be taking advantage of a number of different benefits. There is plenty of choice, for you to choose exactly the company to help you, with your new installation. So, really, there is no reason you should ever be settling for any less than the best. Get in contact with New Westminster Drywall Pros today and make sure you are getting the very most for your money.

New Drywall Installation
When we approach your new drywall installation, we carry out a full inspection of the room. Recording every measurement and making sure every component is cut to fit, your new installation will be precise. Our team have plenty of experience in the field, knowing what it takes to put together a successful installation. We only ever make use of a top-quality, long-lasting drywall material. So, you can expect to have the very best, when you trust us with the job.

Drywall Replacement
Like any other material, drywall will wear and degrade over time. Also, if it suffers an impact, it can become noticeably damaged. These things could stop it from fulfilling its purpose, to the fullest, whilst also looking unsightly. So, if this is the case with your drywall, you should look into having it replaced. You can count on us, to help you with the entire replacement task. Very carefully, we will remove any affected areas of your installation, being sure to leave any that are still in good condition. We will then implement a matching panel, perfectly aligned and secured into the space. Your drywall will look as good as new, costing you the minimum price for the best quality.

Moisture and Fire Resistance
There are many reasons why drywall has been the go-to material, for so many Canadians. One of the major benefits, is the resistance to moisture. Unlike plaster, drywall doesn’t really suffer from water damage or even retain dampness. This is great for ensuring its strength, as well as protecting against mold. In a very contrary way, the material is also resistant to fire damage. It goes without saying, that this is one of the best things you could do for your home, only helping to guarantee the safety of your family.

Energy Efficiency
As an insulator, you cannot find much better than drywall. It is a great material for regulating your household temperature, in both the colder and warmer months. This is fantastic for your energy efficiency, as you will not need to waste it on excess heating or air conditioning. That translates to a noticeable saving on your energy bill at the end of the month. This only furthers just how much drywall proves its worth. Very quickly, the money that you invest into your new installation, will make itself back


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