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Drywall Texture Application

drywall worker doing drywall texture application

For many people, paint doesn’t quite allow for the look that they want. They want their walls to make a different impact, with a different style. One of the best ways to do that, is by adding more of a 3-dimensional element. Adding various textures to your drywall will give it a unique appearance. Effective on both your walling and ceilings, you can use texture in exactly the way that you want. To make sure that you most take advantage of that though, you will want to be certain that you are using the best. Use the services of your superior local drywall team and contact us, at New Westminster Drywall Pros.

Perlite Drywall
Perlite texturing is one of the most common styles of texturing. Sometimes referred to as orange peel texture, it adds a subtle but rougher look to it. When done by a professional, this method can be really effective, adding a lot to any room. If you are looking to have this particular texture applied to your walls or ceiling, we will be able to help. Using a specialized coating, we will evenly cover your walls. You can choose from any one of our color options, as well as for how dense you would like the texture. Either way, you know, that with us, it’ll be done in just the way that you want it to be.

Popcorn Drywall
Another very common style, is popcorn texture. Most often used in the covering of ceilings, it gives a denser look. Mimicking the appearance of the food itself, it has a softer but bumpy feel. It is additionally beneficial, because of its increased ability to diffuse sound. If this is the type of texture, that you want being used in your home, we will be able to help. Our tools allow us to apply it, to the thickness and spread that you want. You can count on us, to be able to complete the look that you want to achieve.

Swirl Drywall
When we are applying your drywall, we can give you the option for a swirled texture. Applying a thick drywall mix, we will apply this method directly into the fresh surface. Using a brush, we will press into it with the appropriate level of force, for the look that you want. At the same time, it won’t be so invasive that it cuts away at the material, without looking smooth. The skilled hands of our team, mean that this particular method can be very effective.

Drywall Wallpaper
If you can’t find the look that you want, between painting and texturing, there may be one other option for you. For many people, the only way to achieve their desired aesthetic, is through wallpaper. Wallpaper can be applied to drywall, very easily. It is quick to install, cheap to do and will give you a number of different aesthetic choices. If this is the particular look that you want, you can count on us to deliver it for you, to high-quality.


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