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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

drywall worker doing popcorn ceiling removal

Once upon a time, popcorn ceiling was a popular choice in Canadian homes. They reduced the possibility to see any imperfections, as well as better controlling sound. But that was a long time ago and nowadays, the material has gone out of fashion. Popcorn ceilings look dated and can decrease the value of your home. For many people moving into a new house, one of the first things to do, is get rid of their popcorn ceiling. So, if you are looking to do the same, it is good to know who is going to do the best job. When you trust New Westminster Drywall Pros, you know that that is exactly what you are getting.

Removal Process
Removing a popcorn ceiling might sound like an easy job, but the truth is, it requires a skilled hand and plenty of attention. You could do damage to your ceilings or do a poor job removing the material, if you don’t know the proper techniques. However, with us, you can expect nothing less. Using specialized tools and our proven method, we will carefully remove every inch of popcorn material. Underneath, we will be careful to leave a smooth and unscratched surface.

Protecting Your Walls and Flooring
Our team take extra care with their work, making sure that they never cause issues or damage to anything in your home. That also goes for your walls and your floors. We need to protect these during the process, so that they do not get marked. You can comfortably put your trust in us, when it comes to caring for your home. We will use plastic sheeting, to cover all walls, windows, doorways and the floor. No dust or moisture will be able to penetrate it and the final cleanup job will be quick and easy.

Finishing Paint
After popcorn texturing has been removed, it can sometimes leave behind marks or staining. These could have been present before or occurred at some point, over the years. Either way, it is going to cause a nasty look on your ceiling and nobody wants that in their home. At New Westminster Drywall Pros, we know this all too well. And for that exact reason, we go above and beyond to rectify it. That is why, we will be more than happy to apply a fresh coat of paint to the area, that is affected.

Improve the Looks of Your Home
On the whole, having your popcorn ceiling removed is going to improve the looks of your property. The material looks dated and out of place, in any modern home. At the same time, it will actually help to lower its value; something, which we are sure nobody wants. On the contrary, when we apply our popcorn ceiling removal service, your ceiling will be looking smart and new. Instead of decreasing the appeal of your house, it will become a key element in the aesthetic. You know we always supply the very best, so you know that you are going to see some serious improvements.


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